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All of Her Own Making: Designer and Fiber Artist Keyaira Terry

By Fibershed

written by Sasha Wirth photographed by Paige Green

Amazon Handmade featured artist
leather file holders
lather drawer handles cabinet pulls


Amazon Handmade

Featured Artisan 

Etsy Featured artist studio space
Indoor leather plant hanger
Small leather wall strap minimal lea


Etsy Features


Instagram - Studio Space (10/2019)
Email - Etsy Gifts Under $30 (5/19 & 6/19)

Personalized leather cord holder, ca
Personalized leather cord holder, ca
Personalized leather cord holder, ca

Sonoma Magazine 

All the Boho Things: Get the Style from Sonoma Stores (2019)

Shopping: Retail Therapy (2019)

13 Father’s Day Finds from Sonoma Stores (2018)

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